Monday, December 1, 2008

The problem with petrol

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So here is a picture of a local petrol station.

On Saturday we walked about 7km to town. About 1/4 of it was dirt road. When we hit the main tarmac road, I counted 6 double tankers that passed us in the space of 20 minutes. Almost every single tanker had "So may God help us" on the back. And, also fuming black smoke out their rear ends -- the dalla dallas chugging on by. Almost every dalla dalla has an american flag in the rear window, btw. Yay obama.

Today we went to town because after all the digital electronics I brought with me, I stupidly brought a converter that didn't work. We went through about 6-7 shops before I bumped into a young man who's dad owned an house wares shop and claimed he knew where to get a converter. But even after that, It took about 30 min of haggling and visiting another 3 stores with him in order to get me the converter. In the end I did buy a converter for about 22,000 Tsh. Ow. Then I get hit up for a donation. I tell him I don't have any cash left, but I'll come back to buy a digital camera for the NGO i'm working for and it'll put money back into the local economy. He tries again, and then says how about your pencil? It's a cheap costco mechanical pencil and looks shiny and nice. He's never seen this kind of instrument before and really fancied it when i let him borrow it to write me the address of his dad's camera shop. So I left him have it.

I meet up with Judith, another volunteer and we end up calling a cab to get back home. On the way back, I ask him how much petrol costs. For gas, its running 16-1700 Tsh per liter. For diesel, we pull through a station and it's 1480 Tsh per liter. Which is roughly about 2 USD per Gallon. For diesel it's really cheap. For gas about the same? I can't do the math right now, but you get the idea.

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christinasc said...

I was wrong about the numbers. It's about 4 liters to a gallon. So actually the price of gas here in the USA is cheaper than petrol here.