Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to Get Around Moshi, Tanzania

Here is what I send to all new Volunteers going to moshi:

Internet Map of Moshi :

Taifa Rd: This is the major highway road that connects Moshi to Arusha and Dar Es Salaam. It is two lanes and is also the road that goes back to CCS Karanga. Karanga is several kilometers in the direction toward Arusha.

Best place for internet in town : two doors down from "The Cafe". Location marked by "S4" on the map. Mtaa wa KILMA rd between Market and Double Rd (also known as Mawenzi Rd) They don't have viruses on their computers. There is also a place that sells USB keys and other digital camera and electronic equipment - 1st world quality over on the street across from the mandela bank, on arusha and market street. (I think - my memory may be office but ask around and you'll find someone who knows) The owners are from Dubai.

Post office: is located near the Roundabout Circle, denoted as P.O. on the map and close to Kahawa house. Western Union is located across the street from the Post office. EMS courier post also available for shipping behind the Post office. Shipping packages to USA will cost about 50,000 TSH per pound air mail. Be sure to cover your packages entirely in brown paper or they will not accept.

WEECE volunteer placement:
 is on Sokoine Rd, north of Kilimanjaro Rd ... and is on the way to KCMC,. If you want to hitch a dala from Moshi town to WEECE, just ask for one going to KCMC - the major hospital in the area. From Weece to Moshi - you can get a dalad ala easily, just make sure they're going to moshi town - mawenzi bus station is THE major bus central station that gets you everywhere. Also where most of the taxis are. Kilimanjaro Rd, btw, is quite beautiful in winter, lined with their "christmas trees"

 This is the major hotel and shopping district, where all the tailors are located. There is a very good tailor at the corner near the kindoroko. Next door to the kindoroko is the Taj Mahal; the best local zanzibar pizza and BBQ at night time only. The owner is great and from Zanzibar originally. It is also a good place to be dropped off in town. It is located at the cross roads of Chagga Street and double street. There is a cafe on Chagga street but this is not "The CAFE" i was referring to above.

ATM/Foreign Exhange: Barclay's Bank ATM is located across the street from the Kindoroko. The best rates for Foreign Exchange is on Chagga Street, across from the Kindoroko.

Retail: Leather goods sold at Shah Leather goods. Also, several kilometers away from town toward Majengo on the Taifa, you can find great tailoring that beats the street tailors. Take a cab or dala dala. Great Business model. Forgot the name of the tailor but there is a sign in the shape of Africa outside.

Hotels: If you want to stay in town after CCS, I would recommend Bristol Cottages. Really nice, centrally located and amazingly quiet in town. Well managed.

Taxi/DalaDala :
 Taxis from Town to CCS Karanga should cost no more than 5000 TSH. Daladalas cost less and they will drop you off in front of the prison on Taifa road. then you need to walk down the dirt rd to CCS.

Corrections welcome.

All information effective as of January 2009. Updates are welcome!

Be sure to Print this out & Pass it on to other volunteers ............

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