Sunday, March 22, 2009

Final Notes from nearly 5 months in Africa

Since reaching America I've noticed:
  • Food tastes like crap. starbucks tastes like water and the milk terrible and flat. I had to hold a chocolate muffin to my nose, literally to smell it. nothings really 100% organic here, even though its labeled as such
  • Everyone does their own thing and doesn't stare at me anymore.
  • There are rules. Lots and lots of rules. Everyone lives in a box. And with a clock. and is super dependent on electricity.
  • Clean and antiseptic. My feet are clean for once.
  • Some people make a lot of assumptions about Africa; they've never been there but assume they know what it is, including telling me what I should think about the continent after several months there. Eh, to each their own.
That's all for now. Thanks for reading if you've been doing so the whole time. There is always going to be that story I can't tell online. Actually a good part of everything I did in Africa I did not write about here. But if you know me, and want to hear, I'll be glad to share it sometime.

But, until then,

Tchau. Kwa heri. Au revoir. مع السلامة. Adios amigos.

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